Fatebreaker Triumph Seal (VoG Seal)

Vault of Glass seal and Fatebreaker title is one of the most challenging raid titles so far. It is a first raid seal that requires you to complete Master difficulty of the raid. This is why Fatebreaker is considered to be one of the hardest titles. It also comes with extra rewards however, for each challenge completed Guardians will be rewarded with Timelost weapons from the raid.

We are offering you our help with this extremely hard challenge, leave it to our professional fireteams to complete the Seal and Fatebreaker title for you, stress-free and in a quickest of time

ETA for the boost will depend on what triumphs you’ll need.

Available for all platfroms.

Fatebreaker Triumph (VoG Raid Seal) boost rewards:

  1. Fatebreaker title completed
  2. Vault of Glass raid seal
  3. Various Vault of Glass raid gear and weapons, including Timelost weapons
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