Dragonflight Dungeons

Dragonflight Dungeons Carry is a PvE service players can buy in DF expansion to boost character item level and complete 8 of 8 instances in heroic or mythic difficulty. Service allows you to farm required endgame gear and prepare for future raids.


  • Heroic – complete all 8 zones in HC difficulty;
  • Mythic – select this option to complete 8/8 M+0 instances with our boosters;
  • Personal loot – you have a chance to collect 359/372+ ilvl equipment from every defeated boss. Usually it’s 1-6 items per 1 run.
  • Single dungeon – great option to start with. Test how boosting service works without paying the full price. Select an instance you want to run through and achieve rewards.

Dragonflight Dungeons Loot Table

As in previous expansions, there are 3 available Dragonflight Dungeon difficulties. Every mode has unique ilvl rewards and achievements.

Dungeon ModeItem Level RewardsReset
Heroic35924 hours
Mythic3727 days
Dragonflight Dungeons
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