Deep Stone Crypt Triumph Seal

In order to complete Deep Stone Crypt Seal Triumphs and obtain The Descendant title players will have to master Deep Stone Crypt raid. Although Deep Stone Crypt raid is relatively easy in comparison to other raids, completing this seal and title not, not by a long shot. In order to complete this challenge, you will have to earn every weapon, armor and vanity item that can drop from Deep Stone Crypt raid.

It is very time-consuming and requires a perfect knowledge of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Luckily, we have plenty of professional fireteams that can help you out with it. Just get our Deep Stone Crypt Seal Triumphs carry and we’ll get the job done in a fastest of time.

ETA for the boost will depend on what triumphs you’ll choose.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Deep Stone Crypt Seal Triumphs carry rewards:

  1. Descendant title for completing all triumphs
  2. Deep Stone Crypt Seal
  3. Various Deep Stone Crypt gear and weapons gathered during the boost


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