Conjured Chillglobe


WoW Conjured Chillglobe is an epic trinket item that drops in Vault of the Incarnates raid from Broodkeeper Diurna with a 11,41% drop rate. This World of Warcraft trinket is in the BiS (best in slot) list for casters and healer classes during the Dragonflight Season 1.

Item’s unique active ability depends on the owner’s mana level:

  1. If mana is above 65% – trinket deals 46,281-79,302 damage to the target;
  2. If mana is below 65% – item restores 10,392-18,482 mana on using;

Conjured Chillglobe item is an awesome solution for PvE healers in World of Warcraft game that want to restore mana or deal damage to a raid bosses.

Option: Ilvl Main stat Damage Mana restoration
LFR 376 311 48,182 10,877
Normal 389 351 51,979 11,735
Heroic 402 397 63,917 14,429
Mythic 415 448 78,067 17,625

Trinket suits for restoration druid, holy paladins, evokers and other game classes.


By buying this service you will get a full Vault of the Incarnates Raid in personal loot, so you have a chance to obtain Conjured Chillglobe trinket during the boost. Select a raid difficulty and a number of runs you want to start with. We’ll book your slot in the nearest available raid!

  • Full VotI Raid Run – 8/8 bosses in desired difficulty mode;
  • Possibility to loot lots of 389-424 ilvl gear;
  • Achievements;
  • A chance to obtain gear from Class Tier;
Conjured Chillglobe

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Conjured Chillglobe
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