Brigand`s Law (Legendary Sidearm)

Brigand’s Law is a new Legendary Rapid-Fire Sidearm available for grabbing during Season of Plunder. It deals Arc damage and synergizes pretty well with Arc 3.0 rework. This gun comes with origin trait Right Hook, that gives you a buff after dealing melee damage. Also, worth mentioning a new perk called Voltshot. If you reload after kill your weapon will overcharge, causing it to jolt enemies on its first hit. What that means Is after your first hit after reloading, bolts of electricity will fly out from your initial target, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This perk makes Brigand’s Law extremely good in dealing with groups of mobs.

As for PvP, this Voltshot perk won’t be that big of a deal, but Brigand’s Law has quite a few options to choose from as well. This weapon drops from any seasonal activity which means that you’ll have to deal with some RNG to get it. Or you can just get our Brigand’s Law boosting service. With it, you can be sure you’ll get this gun in a quickest of time, guaranteed.

ETA for the boost is 1-12 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Brigand’s Law boost rewards:

  1. Brigand’s Law Legendary Sidearm obtained
  2. Random Weapons and Armory gathered during the boost
  3. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
Brigand`s Law
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