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Assault of the Zaqali


Assault of the Zaqali: Warlord Kagni kill boost is the carry services players can buy in World of Warcraft Dragonflight to obtain powerful weapons, trinkets and other items. It is the 4th boss of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid dungeon added to WoW game in Season 2. Available for boosting on all difficulties:

  • LFR
  • Normal
  • Heroic
  • Mythic

Assault of the Zaqali boss tactics and strategies

The leader of the Zaqali Invasion is Warlord Kagni will be the main enemy during this encounter. Players will have to stop them from breaching further into Crucible. Wallclimber mobs will spawn during the fight in an attempt to destroy the sealed door. Each time Wallclimber uses Battering Slam ability on the door characters will take Barrier Backfire damage.

Ignara NPC will provide aerial support using Flaring Firestorm and Vigorous Gale abilities. Vigorous Gale damages and knocks back all players and applies DoT for 3 seconds. Flaring Firestorm will rain down upon the battlefield and hit everyone in 5 yards radius of impact.

Occasionally Warlord Kagni will summon 2 out of 3 possible enemies to assist in battle. Obsidian Guard has a Volcanic Shield spell that will block incoming attacks and erupt 6 seconds later. Flamebound Huntsman has Phoenix Rush and Blazing Spear AoE’s. Magma Mystic will attack with fire magic and move around the ramparts with a Lava Flow spell.

Warlord Kagni only has tanking mechanics. Inflaming Presence buffs nearby units for 10% DPS. Molten Swing increases the physical damage taken by the active tank. Heavy Cudge is an AoE attack. Devastating Sunder is a Frontal Cleave strike that causes Cave Rubble to fall.

As a reward for fending off the Zaqali Invasion, you’ll be rewarded with epic weapons, armor pieces and trinkets of the following ilvl:

Difficulty Item level
LFR 402
Normal 415
Heroic 428
Mythic 441

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Assault of the Zaqali
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