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Amirdrassil Full Gear Boost


Amirdrassil Full Gear is a carry service that helps WoW players get the best possible raiding gear in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 3. Amirdrassil Full Gear boost includes a bunch of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope runs and will end with your character having every single slot of equipment from the raid.

Amirdrassil Full Gear boost guide

Amirdrassil Full Gear means your character will be fully equipped in a raid gear from selected difficulty. Class tier sets, weapons, trinkets, every slot available for your character. This process takes some time, at least a couple of resets. But the wait is 100% worth it. Amirdrassil gear is potent for any PvE scenario. Tier sets provide powerful buffs for any class and spec. Unique weapons and trinkets will increase your character DPS and Healing by a ton. Getting an Amirdrassil Full Gear boost makes obtaining all those items much easier and faster.

Amirdrassil Full Gear boost rewards

Apart from gear, players will get other rewards, like mount customization options and achievements. There are 3 options available for Amirdrassil Full Gear: Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty gearing:

  • Normal item level is 463
  • Heroic ilvl is 476
  • Mythic is 489

Players can choose what level of gear and difficulty they want to go for. We will schedule all the runs according to your preference, class and spec.

World of Warcraft is known for its PvE content. But in order to experience all its glory and high level of challenge, players would need a certain level of gear and skill. Mastering raiding and Mythic+ keystones without gear is impossible. Even getting into a pug group would be a challenge. Amirdrassil Full Gear boost fixes all of those issues. Get best in slot PvE gear and become an ultimate boss-slaying machine with PlayCarry.

Amirdrassil Full Gear Boost
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