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WoW All-Totem of the Master


WoW All Totem of the Master is an epic Trinket item that drops in Vault of the Incarnates raid from Kurog Grimtotem with a 10,46% drop rate. Item’s unique passive bonus – Elemental Stance. Ability allows you to strike with Elemental Counterattack once you dodging or parrying an enemy attack. Trinket has a 30 seconds cooldown.

Option: Ilvl Main stat
LFR 382 329
Normal 395 372
Heroic 408 419
Mythic 421 473

This rewards is the best in slot trinket for damage dealers. With the right character build, it boosts the main stat by 9%.


  • Full VotI Raid Run – 8/8 bosses in desired difficulty mode;
  • Possibility to loot lots of 389-424 ilvl gear;
  • Achievements;
  • A chance to obtain gear from Class Tier;

By buying WoW All-Totem of the Master service you will get a full Vault of the Incarnates Raid in personal loot, so you have a chance to obtain this World of Warcraft trinket during the boost. Select a raid difficulty and a number of runs you want to start with. We’ll book your slot in the nearest available raid!


All-Totem of the Master

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WoW All-Totem of the Master
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